Volunteers are an integral part of Council's arts and cultural venues and programs. 

As a part of the Gatakers team, you will join a vibrant and social community of culture lovers.

Benefits of being a volunteer

Getting out and meeting new like-minded people and creating new friendships is just one of the great benefits of becoming a volunteer.

Working at Gatakers Artspace, volunteers will have access to the latest information on upcoming events, exhibitions and activities of our arts scene. 

Volunteers will develop new skills and make a positive contribution to arts, culture and heritage within our community.

Gatakers Volunteer Gatakers Volunteer 

What volunteers do

We love you to share your skills with us and we're sure you'll learn some new ones too. Our Volunteers may choose to work at one of our venues, or across all of our venues. Volunteering is at your convenience and rostered to meet your schedule and lifestyle. 

Some of the many activities Volunteers at Gatakers Artspace can assist with include: 

  • Customer service and engagement
  • Exhibition installations
  • Retail sales
  • Event and special activities support 
  • Administration


How to apply 

If you're interested in Volunteering at Gatakers Artspace, please complete the 'Volunteer - Expression of Interest' form and return to Fraser Coast Regional Council to register your interest.

Register your interest


Please note that volunteering for Council is not recognised as a Mutual Obligation Requirement for Australian Government payments.