This exhibition showcases a variety of mediums using three main themes, Cultural Diversity, Corporate Burnout and Mental Health Issues.

The first theme is titled “Cultural Diversity on the Australian Continent” and is the pilot theme. The works highlight the number of people in Australia who were born overseas or whose parents were born overseas compared to the number of people who are third generation and more. Several portraits have been painted in a semi-abstract expressionistic style. Each work is titled “1st”, “2nd” or “3rd” to indicate whether the subject is a first, second or third-plus-generation Australian. Australia has a wide variety of cultures, so we have access to many cultures.

The second theme is “The Quietude of Profit”. It highlights the inner struggle of corporate CEOs under immense pressure to keep their various enterprises solvent and highly lucrative. The medium chosen is animation and hand-painted characters and backgrounds. The narrative develops with the CEO showing great promise only to spiral into a surreal fantasy world of unreality. The voice-over develops the complex story further heightening the feeling of disconnection from reality and corporate burnout.

The third theme is about a patient who finds himself exploring the universe through his imagination, all the while being followed by a benevolent nurse who wants to help him. The nurse in “Woman Adorned in White” is the story's real hero. The animation has hand-drawn characters and backgrounds in pen and ink which are photoshopped to add colour.

Exhibition Opening

This exhibition will be officially opened on Friday, 2 August, 2024 at 6pm.

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Exhibition opening

Artist in conversation 

Join Stefano as he shares the stories and themes behind his artworks during his current exhibition.

When: Saturday 3 August, 2024 - 11am

Where: Gallery 2, Gatakers Artpsace, 311 Kent Street, Maryborough

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