Featuring wildlife prints from local photographer Wayne Reinke to raise awareness about the Glenwood (QLD) Wildlife Awareness Group and Wayne's passion for wildlife conversation.

The Glenwood (QLD) Wildlife Awareness Group is a community organisation dedicated to fostering a deep appreciation and understanding of wildlife among the members of Glenwood and surrounding communities.

The group aims to support a number of wildlife projects, assisting local wildlife, educate residents on wildlife identification and needs, and gather valuable information on wildlife species.

Further information on the group can be found by visiting the following link: https://glenwoodwildlifeaware.org/  

*image - Glossy Black Cockatoo photographed by Wayne Renkie

About the photographer

Wayne Reinke lives locally on the Fraser Coast and is a valuable member of the The Glenwood (QLD) Wildlife Awareness Group capturing compelling photographs that not only document local wildlife but also raise awareness about threatened species.

His work has already led to significant milestones, including the identification of critical habitats for the regent honeyeater and glossy black-cockatoo.

Reinke was recently awarded the 2023 Wayne Lawler Nature Conversation Photography Grant for his passion for nature conservation and his contribution to the Glenwood (QLD) Wildlife Awareness Group.

This grant has helped to continue his photographic journey. 

Location: Upstairs Creative Space, 311 Kent Street Maryborough.