Engage interactively with works from Hybrid Greening Exhibition using mindful movement and contemplative photography, touch and/or words.

This workshop is an immersive and interactive experience with artworks from 'Hybrid Greening Exhibition'. It will build on Hybrid Greening concepts of shared existence and self-awareness. 

The theme for the workshop is inner and outer connection. 

Inhabiting your body with self awareness helps to develop curiosity toward the worlds you live in.

Come and explore a gentle Feldenkrais mindful movement sequence to connect to yourself and the artwork around you. 

You'll have an opportunity to interact with the artworks directly via contemplative photography, touch and/or words. These will highlight the way embodied movement can shift the way you see and respond to what/who you are sharing the space with.

Do I Need Experience?

This workshop aims to support appreciation of your body and connection to the world around you. It is suitable for adults and teens. You don't need to be fit or be able to take a good photo. 

Come as you are!

You DO NEED to be able to get down to the floor and move comfortably. 

*If you struggle with movement restrictions but want to come along, please get in touch to discuss modifcations.

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